Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mornings in Downtown Worcester

 Often in the morning I have extra time before work in downtown Worcester. Over the last month I have take photos during this free time.

I have taken photos of this statue on several occasions. The first time the light did not fall on their faces but this one is the best so far because the lighting fall on all of the statue but not the background.

I love all the lines in this photo making arch shapes. The blue and yellow colors complement each other and I like how the statue is in brightness. 

I would not have spotted these men working if it hadn't been for a man washing the windows of another building at ground level. He was not envious of the work these men had to do at over 10 stories up. I waited for the morning light to hit one side of the building and also managed to get the workers' reflection in the window to add to the dynamic. 

This is an iconic statue of Major Taylor which stands outside of the Worcester Public Library. I utilized the morning light to create a bright image of him and his shadow.

On a cloudier day I walked around the Pleasant St, and Crown Hill areas. This is Liberty Church on Chestnut St. As I took photos of this church a woman came up to me and told me about her conspiracy theories about this church. 

This church door seemed very warm and inviting. It is part of the All Saints Church on Irving St.

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