Monday, February 20, 2017

Wildlife in Parker River Wildlife Refuge

Today I tried out a lens which I got at a yard sale a while back. It's a Sigma 75-200mm push/pull zoom with manual focus. It took some effort to maintain the focus on the subject of the photograph but I got used to this pretty quick. I also had some trouble with chromatic aberration which I believe is due to having neglected the aperture function which is built into the lens itself rather than being a setting within the camera like I am used to.

I took the lens out in the hopes of taking some photos of wildlife at Parker River Wildlife Refuge in Newbury, MA.

A bird's nest suspended above the sand dunes.

A red-tailed hawk keeps a close watch over the salt marsh

Two otters slink through the reeds in a freshwater pool.

One of the otters stops to have an afternoon snack.

The otters watch the humans as the humans watch the otters.

Overall the photos didn't come out quite like I'd hoped but I think they are alright for my first time using this yard sale find.