Monday, November 3, 2014

Cat Sisters

Last week I did not get much chance to get out of the house and take photos so I decided to take photos of something that is inside my house -- my cats! 

These are the two cat sisters. The closer one with longer hair is Ada and the further one away is Copper. I love this photo because they are looking in the same direction and have the same expression.

In a way I was adding to my family portrait collection from the last couple weeks with this one. It took this photo of my cat Ada to go along with my other family portraits. Unfortunately, I haven't got a good picture of  Copper, yet. I found Ada to be more patient and photogenic.

I liked the sense of motion in the one but wish Ada's face was clearer. I was trying to catch the kitties' playful side.

Ada is a wild lady. Although she's just yawning in this photo she does look a bit frightening.

The cats paused for a moment while wrestling which allowed me to get this shot without any blur. 

The angles of the legs here are what I like the most about the composition. The kitties often clean each other which is always a good time to capture a sweet moment of them.

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