Sunday, June 28, 2015

Historic Photos of New York City

I haven't been getting many photos done lately. My wedding in two weeks hasn't left me with a whole lot of time for editing photos. I hope to get more photos up in late July.

I recently stumbled across this series of photos released by the New York Municipal Archives.

Although I haven't spent much time in New York City, I felt a deeper connection to it after seeing these photographs. Not only is the history interesting but the photographs are quite striking. Below are my thoughts on a couple specific photographs in the link above.

#1 - I particularly love the first photograph of Grand Central Station. The light streaming in creates pools of light on the floor where ghostly figures stand conversing in small groups.

#11 - The eleventh photograph has a similar feeling of a ghostly figure. The distant figure is visible through the fog on Queensboro Bridge.

#24 - The twenty fourth photograph features painters suspended in the Brooklyn Bridge. The diminishing perspective coupled with the various heights where the men are standing provides a really intriguing composition. Meanwhile the city peeks out of the background.

#43 - Similarly the city peeks out of the background giving us a sense of place in the forty third photograph. The lighting on the steel beams are impeccable and the dark silhouette of the man looking out of the city was well seen.

These photographs are very beautiful and there is a lot to learn about the power of photography from them.