Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dismas Fall Festival

This weekend I went back to the farm where I had been working this summer. Our class was assigned taking some fall photographs so I thought the Dismas Fall Festival would be a great opportunity to do so! I didn't edit these photos very much but thought I would get them posted on the blog anyway.

This is the hay field at the farm in Oakham, MA. The leaves are just starting to turn up there. The grass was so green and the sky so blue!

I took a couple photos of this family enjoying the fall festival but this is the best one because you can see the woman's face. Many families come with their children to enjoy the fall festival.

A haunted greenhouse! I didn't edit this photo but I loved all the Halloween decorations that they used to transform the greenhouse for tomatoes and basil into a fall scene.

The farm is really getting ready for fall. The turkeys are growing up big in time for Thanksgiving.

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